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A Complete And Utter Waste Of Time

I found a fabulous new way to waste time on the internet instead of studying for your Periodontics final. Download Google Earth and then spend the day locating and "pinning" the houses of all your friends and family. You can see the world and be productive all at the same time! All the while, enjoying the finest photos of BC's Hydro dams.

Oh, that Internet!

I love how Google tries to help you out now with "suggestions" of what it thinks you might be looking for:

[Public for the LOLs]
I just got a letter in the mail on Friday from my grandfather, thanking me for the Oral B Triumph electric toothbrush I gave him for Christmas. His response was humourous, and totally something like what I would do.

Thanks for the tooth brush. It sure works. The instructions say to put it in your mouth before turning on. I didn't read the instructions first, so got toothpaste all over the bathroom. Thanks again!


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Well, I'm drawing near to the close of my time here this summer. All in all, I've had a very good summer. I didn't deny myself anything, anytime, and lived every day as if it was a reward for a job well done. As a result, I've gained a little weight, but I'm hoping that my workload this fall won't be as high as last year, and I can get a gym membership and get back into my pre-Nova Scotia figure again. I've been grateful for every single day I've had here in BC, even if it is in Abbotsford. I accomplished most of the things I set out to do here, except clear my credit cards, unfortunately, so I may have to go get a job when I go back to Halifax.

I finally got that Legend of Mana download working today, so Duncan and I started it. Duncan has kindly allowed me to take his PS2 to Halifax with me. Mine is a fatty, and takes up too much room in luggage, but his is slim. We've also been geeking out watching Slayers Revolution fansubs, but since Enoki Films had Funimation send out cease and desist letters to fansubbers (which really surprised me), the series has been "discontinued" after 7 episodes, and so I guess we have to find new nerdery to entertain ourselves with.

I've been packing for the last couple of days, and am trying to get my luggage down to one bag to take back to Halifax. Hard work! I've also had to rearrange my "storage locker" upstairs to accomodate the several boxes (mostly of clothes) that I have to leave here.

Mom and Dad have started renovating their livingroom. I suppose my overhaul of the downstairs bathroom inspired them to continue with the rest of the house. I came home yesterday to an empty livingroom with the carpets ripped out and removed (which is good because they stank of urine thanks to my mom's stupid fucking dog). Today I answered the door to a guy appraising the sandblasting my parents wanted done to the stone wall around the fireplace. We came to the conclusion to just remove the stone, not blast it. Someone had painted on it with rubberized paint, and they wanted to restore the granite rock, but apparently it wouldn't work. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product of the livingroom when I come back, as it's been a long time coming that this house has required a good gutting. All I need to do is make sure the paint is PURCHASED before I leave so that I'm sure that they get the colours that I picked out for them, rather than let Dad influence this decision and come up with something as appalling as what happened when he chose the exterior paint. He actually had it painted the same colours as the Salvation Army down the road. No fooling. So.... never again.

Anyway, that's all to report for now! Have a nice evening...


I finally got XP to install on this Toshiba! Perhaps this will lead to me hating it a little less....
Actually, I don't need a root canal, I just need oral surgery to get my last two wisdom teeth extracted. One in particular, more than the other. It's partially erupted, but not fully out, so I can't clean it, and it's been slowly getting worse despite my best efforts and special instruments.

I went to the dentist in March to get a referral to an oral surgeon. I was able to get a consultation for May 31, which I didn't take because I flew to BC on the 29th. As soon as I got here, I made an appointment with my parents' dentist (who, apparently went to UBC with MY dentist) who gave me a referral to some dude on the other side of town for July 31. I'm worried if I will be able to get the surgery done by the end of August at this rate.

Ho hum...

Not much to report from the town built on poo.

I got a job at a coffee shop near my house that pays nicely and doesn't usually work me too hard. I was all trying to save my money, but then I went and bought a new computer. I quite like it -- it's a Toshiba Satellite, and I'm quite happy with it. My only complaint with it (which I didn't notice until after I bought it) was that the audio ports are on the FRONT, not the side, which is bad and lame looking for someone like me who always has the computer attached to the big speakers. I wonder if there is some docking station that incorporates sound that could solve this problem. Also, keyboard takes getting used to, as it's a little smaller than the last one, and harder for me to type on as a result. It feels a little flimsy and has poor tactility, much like an Apple keyboard and is noisier then the last one. I type "\" a lot when I want to Shift, as my Shift key is smaller by half now. Nice to know I still hit the caps lock inadvertantly, though. I'm hoping this is a "getting used to new computer" complaint, though. Windows Vista takes some getting used to, but I'm going to give it a chance and not reformat it just yet. Computer runs ridiculously quietly.... :-) Except for that damn keyboard.


My Return to BC

I haven't updated for a while, so I figured now is as good as any for a recap.

May 28th: the last day of school. I finished all my patients and didn't have to stay after all, so on the way to the airport, I checked my kits back in and away I went.

May 29th: Flew to BC. Had a horrible migraine and suffered the whole way from Montreal to Vancouver. Was picked up by mom. Went through my dad's prescription painkillers and took some aceteminophen with codeiene, continued to feel pain, but no longer continued to care about the pain. Good enough. Was grateful that I did not have to drive, operate heavy machinery, or do anything productive besides stare at the wall opposite the couch and wait for the pain to pass. And it did, a couple days later.

May 30th: Discovered my LCD on my laptop was busted. Fixed the PC, though, for some reason it was being a dink and didn't want to display video even though there was nothing wrong with its video card or drivers...

May 31th-June 10th: Went through the list of things "To Do" that has been piling up since I left for Nova Scotia and packed up my toolbox. Figured I had nothing BUT time, now that I'm a jobless punk. I have since:
- Resoldered the DC jack of my laptop back to the motherboard.
- Resoldered the USB port on the front of my parents computer. It's good to have front-USB again.
- Replaced the cable jack to my TV, after accidentally ripping it out of the TV this time last year. My physics professor used to go ON: "Don't try to repair your own TV, they have a huge capacitance (denoted "C", the quantity of charge, "q", stored) can store it for a long time even after they're unplugged, and can drop up to 100 000 Volts into your body. Do not service your own TV." So I figured now was as good a time as any, since it had been unplugged for a year and had likely discharged any charge it was storing. So I skillfully destroyed two matching transformers and melted out their RF plugs out of the setup, then trimmed their pins down until one of them fit into the circuit board of my TV set. I resoldered, and then used my remaining solder to adhere the fucking thing to the circuitboard so well that it will NEVER COME UNDONE AGAIN. Then I covered it in epoxy resin for good measure. I turned the TV on and Lo! There was cable. Very pleased with self. It was a little bit of a hassle, though, because we were out of solder wicking to remove the old solder, so I had to melt it and then drip it off into an old dust mask, and I missed and got some solder in the carpet. I'm the only person I know that can stain the carpet with SHINY METAL THAT EVERYONE CAN SEE. The TV did give me a little scare, though, because it made burning smells, burning off all the dust it collected inside it after a year under my parents' stairs.
- Downstairs bathroom: removed all the fixtures, removed the toilet paper roll holder, re-drywalled the area to fill in the hole in the wall, washed the walls and ceiling and endured the brown nicotine water dripping on my face and hair, because my father insists on hotboxing himself in the bathroom to smoke - considering it equivalent to smoking outside in accordance to the supposed "NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE" rule, removed and then replaced the caulking around the sink and then gutted the cabinetry in preparation for painting. We were originally planning to axe the vanity cabinet altogether, but my mom cheaped out and made me keep it, so I figured after washing it and sealing off the water damage on the side of it with carpenter's glue, I should recaulk. Mom will be thrilled when she can run water in there again. I've been making everyone wash their hands in the kitchen to allow the caulking to cure. Now we're waiting for the last of the drywall in the former toilet-roll area to dry, so I can sand it down and wash that last wall. Went to Canadian Tire (4 times) to get (1) light fixture for the bathroom, and went to IKEA (YAY!) to get other accessory fixtures. Will probably return to get toilet roll holder, even though Mom doesn't like the ones they have there. Too bad.
- Applied for jobs. So far, I've applied at: Starbucks (x4), EB Games (x2), local independant coffee shops that ARE NOT Starbucks (x 4), and every bullshit retail clothing store in the mall. I have had ONE interview (with no response since) and a whole lot of nothing on the job front. Good thing I've become accustomed to being unemployed, but I'm still getting scared because I'm running out of time, and I can't make my minimum payments on my credit cards anymore, so something has to change.
- Continued to enjoy being allowed to drive Mom's new Mazda 3, which she bought a few days ago.

June 11: Continued the bathroom project (just about finished drywalling), looked for computers on the internet I can gut for parts to save my laptop, applied for jobs all over town for 4 hours, made an appointment at the audiologist to prove to my school that I am deaf to continue to be allowed to use the digital blood pressure cuffs (6 month wait in NS, 7 day wait in BC. Go figure), tried to fix sister's iPod, discovered hard drive (to iPod) is failing = cannot continue without parts. Oh well. Brother wants me to fix his wireless mouse. Will get on that immediately. Perhaps will get to solder something again. Really enjoying that, metal-smoke and all.

So I got this email the other day, saying that some of my photography was featured in an online travel guide (it's OK, they emailed me to tell me I was shortlisted and asked for my permission). You can see the travel guide here, under "Fleet Street", or view the original photograph from my trip on flickr. The reason I find this amusing (that they chose THAT photograph) was that the reason I took that picture anyway was because I wanted a photo of "Ye Olde Cock" tavern, as you can see in the cropped version here, because I'm mature like that...

At any rate, that's all to report for now. I'm so glad to be in BC, I'm not even THAT mad that I am in Abbotsford: The City Built On Poo, but the job-hardship is reminding me of why I left the first time. I'll keep you posted.

Well, fuck...

My server just went away... I hate it when it when that happens, don't you?

I will update with more pizazz later, when my patients start showing up for their appointments so I can get signed off for things, so I can finish my clinic, so I can be promoted to the next year.

Come patients, stop being such douchebags. You WANTED these appointments because you SIGNED UP WITH THIS SCHOOL, and you AGREED to the date we set for the appointment, and I CALLED YOU the night before (and twice the day of when you didn't show), so ... what gives, doods?


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